Saturday, 18 November 2017

Winter craft ideas for toddlers

We are big craft lovers in our house but as the days are getting shorter, darker and wetter I need more indoor activities to keep Scarlett entertained.
A friend of mine recommended a site Called:
 I am in my absolute element looking through this site! It excites me more than clothes lol!

The great prices and easy to do packs are just so handy for little ones. Everything you need comes in the pack so you dont have a mound of random stickers or crafty bits hanging around that just get put in a draw or cupboard then you end up with a load of rubbish that you should of  thrown away. I'm a massive hoarder for left overs and you can barely shut our craft box with everything piling out.
Here are the bits that we got.

We picked up some Halloween and Christmas bits and they are so easy to do, definitely would recommend to keep your little ones entertained. 

Another easy craft we did was to make a bird feeder.
We got 1 Apple cut it in half.
Some peanut butter
Bird seed or oats or cereal ( anything similar you have in the cupboard.
And Some string

Cut the apple in half and cut out a well in the middle so you can put the peanut butter in.
Mix peanut butter and the seeds or oats together.
Fill the hole in the apple and smear around the edge.
Tie the string around the apple and then on a tree or fence, somewhere you and your little ones can watch the birdies take a nibble.

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