Sunday, 15 October 2017

HELP! My child has a temperature! | Review of PediaCare Home Thermometer...

Its that time of year and the bugs are about especially for the little ones, it just spreads like no bodies business.  I was sent 2 products to review and they came just in time as both my girls were poorly with colds and coughs. Also Eva my youngest is teething so she was really suffering and had a temperature poor thing.
The first product is a Thermal thermometer, a 2 in one with an ear and forehead thermometer, genius.  It is so easy to use, it comes with batteries and super easy instructions.

The second product is a Nasal aspirator, something that I had not really thought about getting however when Eva was born Hubby bought a Boogie sucker! This device really was not my cup of tea but hubby got some enjoyment out of literally sucking boogies out of baby Eva's nose.  Don't worry there was a value that collected the horrible nasties so you didn't end up with it all in your mouth but it really wasn't nice.  When PediaCare sent me this product I was pleasantly surprised, no manual sucking involved its all electric and again a product that was so easy to use and relieved my little one of those nasties.

By these pictures you wouldn't think that little Eva was suffering but she had gastroenteritis the week before and now she has a bad cold but she always seems to smile through anything, my little smiler!

Head over to my youtube channel for my review and demo on these products and you can also win them in my giveaway!

If you would like one of these products from PediaCare Home they are available on amazon, I've put a link down below.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Autumn craft for toddler

I love this time of year beautiful colours from the trees and leaves, crisp mornings and days, jumpers not quite at the fire stage but definitely have the heating one.

We had a bit of a difficult day with Scarlett not being very well with a chesty cough and feeling very miserable so we decided to do some crafts and make a leaf hedgehog. Such an easy and fun craft to do as you get to head off outside collect your leaves then get sticking. You could do this with any animal maybe your child's favourite is a dinosaur but we decided with an autumnal hedgehog.  Just draw the outline and face, get some glue and let your toddler create their masterpiece. 
This is how ours turned out! 


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