Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Gosh do I know have pushed out a human

ed a speed cleaning video for my youtube channel.  For me it wasnt so speedy I was pretty tired and just couldnt get my a**e into gear and kept stopping for cups of coffee, tea, snacks some more tea oh and I would find myself standing infront of the TV watching This morning or Loose women with a duster in my hand for 15 mintues at a time without realising. ;-).  Its funny isnt it when you have a couple of hours avaiable you will spend the whole time cleaning but then if you have 20 mintues to clean before someone comes over to the house you will get it all done. lol.

Its Swimming day and Scarlett was so happy and hyper I just love how she was loving it so much. I was dying to go for a wee even before I got into the pool so 20 mintues in and I was stressing that I was going to wet myself.  This is something I have been suffering since having Eva.  As I had a c- section with Scarlett it didnt effect me but gosh do I know I have pushed a human out of my ******( depending of what you call it to how many stars I use haha, so many names!)  It has got better but when I need to go I need to go or I just cant hold it in.  I really need to do those pelvic floors.  You will be all glad to know I made it home with no accidents :-)

I havent had Eva weighed since she was 5 weeks old so today I went to the weigh in clinic.  Sometimes its hard to know if your baby has put on weight because you see them everyday and cant tell if they are getting bigger.  As I am breastfeeding its so hard to know how much milk they are getting and Eva is a quick feeder but suffient as I can tell my boob is drained but its always a worry.  She had put on weight and is going in the right direction. Boobie milk is doing its job, well done.

Hubby normally takes Scarlett to nursery in the morning but as he was away in London I went to stay at my mums so she watched Eva for me while I took Scarlett.  She absoultely loves nursery and its so lovely to see her wave me off and join her friends but at the same time its sad that my little baby is no longer a tiny helpless baby and is becoming an indepedant girl. I had a real lazy day watching a bit of This Morning and Loose women then I popped to Asda to get some nappies and found a really nice swimming costume. It was really nice staying at my mums as when I'm at home and have any spare time I'm always busy cleaning, tidying washing, I always find something to do so I never just sit down and relax until 9pm.

We met up with our friend at gymnastics and hubby joined us which was nice. He got to see how crazy it is having a baby and a toddler when out on my own meeting friends. He thinks I just sit chat and drink coffee on our Friday meet ups but it is normally consumed with wrestling with a toddler while breastfeeding a baby and having 5 worded conversations with my friend before running off to our little ones before they take another toy off another child lol. It's not easy! 

Scarlett and her Bessie on the trampoline 😍

Hubby is away again so my sister came over with her little boy to have a play. He is 6 weeks younger than Scarlett and it's so nice that they have each other and I can tell they are guna be so lovely together when they r a bit older.  Scarlett does terrorise him a little she will go up to him try and hug him and push him to the ground or try and climb on his back. It's quite funny to watch but poor little guy is guna be traumatised.

The weather is so horrible at the moment I can't wait till it gets better and we can spend all day outside, I'm such an outdoors persons I just love it. We saw hubbys family today and met them for a coffe and a snack. Finding it quite hard to entertain Scarlett when we are out especially sat having a meal. She will colour for a couple of minutes then just wants to get out the chair. I spent most of the time convincing her that we couldn't go outside because it was raining but she was getting mad with me. She gets something into her head and she is so determined to do it she won't give in. The other day she got so mad with me when trying to get in the car because she wanted to walk. We were going to the shops and I was trying to explain she can walk wen we get to the shop, she wanted to go to the shop but she wanted to walk there. It would have taken an hour to walk there lol! Gosh toddler tantrums are hard work. 
Eva is really smiling and chatting now, iv put a video on my Instagram and it's the cutest thing ever she was cooing and smiling and just so adorable. I'm sure she was laughing when I was playing around in the mirror with her. I can't believe she will be 3 months next week, where has the time gone.
 Milk drunk 

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