Wednesday, 22 February 2017

I'm not lying in bed, I'm feeding the baby!

I can't even think what I have done this week. Do you have times like this when your like what have I done and all the days mingle into one. So let me try and remember.

The time has come, baby Eva's first injections :-(
Scarlett didn't seem too bothered when she had her injections so I wasn't too worried. I breastfed her while they gave the injection and she whimpered a little and that was it and I think that was the trick. This time round with Eva I completely forgot at the time to get the boob out. Eva doesn't tend to cry a lot but when she does you really know about it and gosh did she tell us she wasn't happy. I felt sorry for the nurse it must be so horrible to see your inflicting so much pain on a new born baby. As she had the meningitis b vaccination you have to give calpol after they have it and throughout the day every 4 hrs in case they get a temperature. Eva pretty much fed cried and then slept all day she was quite unsettled and upset and when I picked her up and maybe rubbed against her leg where the injection went into she would get upset bless her.

Love is in the air, it's Valentine's Day.
I was treated with some lovely cards and a chocolate rose which I quickly ate so Scarlett wouldn't ask for some then be on a sugar high. Your always allowed to eat chocolate before breakfast on a special occasion. Hubby had bought me a spa day for a couple of weeks time , we had decided not to get anything for each other but he couldn't help himself. Well done hubby brownie points to you!

Stay n play, again we were late due to chasing round a half naked toddler trying to get her ready while the baby is crying. Scarlett goes to nursery twice a week so she is used to other children, toys and activities, whether it's her age or she is just hyper but she is so constant she flutters from one thing to the next, Taking toys off other children not knowing people's personal space. She's still so young but is this normal? I constantly have people comment about how busy she is and it's from the moment she wakes up to when she goes to bed.

Nursery day for Scarlett and it's house tidying and errands for me.

My great Uncle and Aunt came to Stratford upon Avon for a day trip from Bournemouth. My great uncle is in his 90s and is amazing he does so much and gets out and about. I hadn't seen him for years and he hadn't  met the girls so it was so lovely seeing them interact with each other.  We had a walk along the river, fed the ducks and watched the boats, Scarlett was in her element.

We finished off our visit with a trip to the park, Stratford upon Avon has a great park for little Ines Scarlett loves it she didn't want to leave and started crying. That's when everyone turns around to see what your child has done to get so upset then realised your going and is dreading when that moment comes for them and they have a tantrum on their hands.

We had a lazy morning before Scarlett's nap. Hubby has been getting up with Scarlett since I have had Eva as I am up in the night with her and then she tends to have a feed around 7,7:30 when Scarlett has her breakfast. In Hubby's eyes this is me having a lie in! Yes I am lying in bed and catching up on Facebook and Instagram on my phone but I am feeding our other child and there's nothing else I can do apart from lie there. It's actually my only time that I get to sit down is when I'm breastfeeding the rest of the time I'm either entertaining Scarlett, cooking, cleaning or changing dirty nappies. I saver as much time as I can in the morning and maybe pretend she is taking longer to feed because as soon as I go down stairs I'm back on duty ;-). It's my daddy's birthday today so we go over to my mum and dads house for a lovely diner and a celebration.
Another lazy morning. Scarlett is showing so much affection to Eva with the occasional hit or trying to fly her out of her bouncy chair. She keeps saying baby hold mamma baby hold and she comes up to hold her and kisses her. I just want to cry there and then it fills me with so much love and emotion . 

The weather is starting to get a bit better now and you can tell spring is on it's way. Spring is my most favourite time of the year I love how it's still chilly enough to wear jumpers but it's sunny enough to go out for nice walks and be outside. Scarlett loves being outside like me and I can't wait to get in the garden with her. My real mission this year is to sort out our garden I want to make it a real haven and an exciting place for the girls to play. We went out for Sunday diner at a local farmers market restaurant and I think I inhaled it I ate it that fast it was so yummy. Sunday diners are my favourite that and Chinese. 

This week I have learnt that a Mama is always on duty!


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