Saturday, 18 November 2017

Day in the life getting ready for Christmas and Poundland and the range ...

Winter craft ideas for toddlers

We are big craft lovers in our house but as the days are getting shorter, darker and wetter I need more indoor activities to keep Scarlett entertained.
A friend of mine recommended a site Called:
 I am in my absolute element looking through this site! It excites me more than clothes lol!

The great prices and easy to do packs are just so handy for little ones. Everything you need comes in the pack so you dont have a mound of random stickers or crafty bits hanging around that just get put in a draw or cupboard then you end up with a load of rubbish that you should of  thrown away. I'm a massive hoarder for left overs and you can barely shut our craft box with everything piling out.
Here are the bits that we got.

We picked up some Halloween and Christmas bits and they are so easy to do, definitely would recommend to keep your little ones entertained. 

Another easy craft we did was to make a bird feeder.
We got 1 Apple cut it in half.
Some peanut butter
Bird seed or oats or cereal ( anything similar you have in the cupboard.
And Some string

Cut the apple in half and cut out a well in the middle so you can put the peanut butter in.
Mix peanut butter and the seeds or oats together.
Fill the hole in the apple and smear around the edge.
Tie the string around the apple and then on a tree or fence, somewhere you and your little ones can watch the birdies take a nibble.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

HELP! My child has a temperature! | Review of PediaCare Home Thermometer...

Its that time of year and the bugs are about especially for the little ones, it just spreads like no bodies business.  I was sent 2 products to review and they came just in time as both my girls were poorly with colds and coughs. Also Eva my youngest is teething so she was really suffering and had a temperature poor thing.
The first product is a Thermal thermometer, a 2 in one with an ear and forehead thermometer, genius.  It is so easy to use, it comes with batteries and super easy instructions.

The second product is a Nasal aspirator, something that I had not really thought about getting however when Eva was born Hubby bought a Boogie sucker! This device really was not my cup of tea but hubby got some enjoyment out of literally sucking boogies out of baby Eva's nose.  Don't worry there was a value that collected the horrible nasties so you didn't end up with it all in your mouth but it really wasn't nice.  When PediaCare sent me this product I was pleasantly surprised, no manual sucking involved its all electric and again a product that was so easy to use and relieved my little one of those nasties.

By these pictures you wouldn't think that little Eva was suffering but she had gastroenteritis the week before and now she has a bad cold but she always seems to smile through anything, my little smiler!

Head over to my youtube channel for my review and demo on these products and you can also win them in my giveaway!

If you would like one of these products from PediaCare Home they are available on amazon, I've put a link down below.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Autumn craft for toddler

I love this time of year beautiful colours from the trees and leaves, crisp mornings and days, jumpers not quite at the fire stage but definitely have the heating one.

We had a bit of a difficult day with Scarlett not being very well with a chesty cough and feeling very miserable so we decided to do some crafts and make a leaf hedgehog. Such an easy and fun craft to do as you get to head off outside collect your leaves then get sticking. You could do this with any animal maybe your child's favourite is a dinosaur but we decided with an autumnal hedgehog.  Just draw the outline and face, get some glue and let your toddler create their masterpiece. 
This is how ours turned out! 

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Baby Summer Essentials

We are in full swing of summer so here is a few products that I feel are essential for your baby.
Please watch my video on my youtube channel and leave a comment of your most memerable childhood summer memory and you can win a Splashabout Happy Nappy!!!
Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

2 under 2 is hard

So it's been a while since I have actually written anything on here. With the lack of sleep and trying to sort out some kind of routine my head has been all over the place thus not being able to form sentences. Lol. The only spare time I get is in the evening and once I have sat down I just want to watch a film or series and then it's time for bed.
I knew having 2 under 2 would be hard but sometimes I do feel I am treading water (or drowning at times) and not getting anywhere. At the moment I feel so consumed by giving the kids a good home cooked meal, and making sure they eat it, clean house, daily activities and keeping them entertained, Eva is easy but Scarlett can be difficult if it's a rainy day and we have to stay indoors. We have also entered the world of potty training which is a job in its self. So as you can imagine it has been a bit manic to say the least.

Once I get into this blogging business I really enjoy it, it's just putting my mind to getting the words out in some kind of order so you can understand rather than the mush I feel like is in there 80% of the time. I love reading other people's thoughts,reviews,recipes and all that good blogginness (think I just made up a word 😆)

So I'm turning a new page and I'm starting a new schudeule to blog what I love, what has helped me through the good times and bad, helping
Anyone else out their or just giving someone a laugh with my bad spelling, grammar and baby mishaps.

My next blog will be my baby Summer must haves, so stay tuned it will be up this week.

Thanks for reading guys.

Please head over to my YouTube channel for more updates. 

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Gosh do I know have pushed out a human

ed a speed cleaning video for my youtube channel.  For me it wasnt so speedy I was pretty tired and just couldnt get my a**e into gear and kept stopping for cups of coffee, tea, snacks some more tea oh and I would find myself standing infront of the TV watching This morning or Loose women with a duster in my hand for 15 mintues at a time without realising. ;-).  Its funny isnt it when you have a couple of hours avaiable you will spend the whole time cleaning but then if you have 20 mintues to clean before someone comes over to the house you will get it all done. lol.

Its Swimming day and Scarlett was so happy and hyper I just love how she was loving it so much. I was dying to go for a wee even before I got into the pool so 20 mintues in and I was stressing that I was going to wet myself.  This is something I have been suffering since having Eva.  As I had a c- section with Scarlett it didnt effect me but gosh do I know I have pushed a human out of my ******( depending of what you call it to how many stars I use haha, so many names!)  It has got better but when I need to go I need to go or I just cant hold it in.  I really need to do those pelvic floors.  You will be all glad to know I made it home with no accidents :-)

I havent had Eva weighed since she was 5 weeks old so today I went to the weigh in clinic.  Sometimes its hard to know if your baby has put on weight because you see them everyday and cant tell if they are getting bigger.  As I am breastfeeding its so hard to know how much milk they are getting and Eva is a quick feeder but suffient as I can tell my boob is drained but its always a worry.  She had put on weight and is going in the right direction. Boobie milk is doing its job, well done.

Hubby normally takes Scarlett to nursery in the morning but as he was away in London I went to stay at my mums so she watched Eva for me while I took Scarlett.  She absoultely loves nursery and its so lovely to see her wave me off and join her friends but at the same time its sad that my little baby is no longer a tiny helpless baby and is becoming an indepedant girl. I had a real lazy day watching a bit of This Morning and Loose women then I popped to Asda to get some nappies and found a really nice swimming costume. It was really nice staying at my mums as when I'm at home and have any spare time I'm always busy cleaning, tidying washing, I always find something to do so I never just sit down and relax until 9pm.

We met up with our friend at gymnastics and hubby joined us which was nice. He got to see how crazy it is having a baby and a toddler when out on my own meeting friends. He thinks I just sit chat and drink coffee on our Friday meet ups but it is normally consumed with wrestling with a toddler while breastfeeding a baby and having 5 worded conversations with my friend before running off to our little ones before they take another toy off another child lol. It's not easy! 

Scarlett and her Bessie on the trampoline 😍

Hubby is away again so my sister came over with her little boy to have a play. He is 6 weeks younger than Scarlett and it's so nice that they have each other and I can tell they are guna be so lovely together when they r a bit older.  Scarlett does terrorise him a little she will go up to him try and hug him and push him to the ground or try and climb on his back. It's quite funny to watch but poor little guy is guna be traumatised.

The weather is so horrible at the moment I can't wait till it gets better and we can spend all day outside, I'm such an outdoors persons I just love it. We saw hubbys family today and met them for a coffe and a snack. Finding it quite hard to entertain Scarlett when we are out especially sat having a meal. She will colour for a couple of minutes then just wants to get out the chair. I spent most of the time convincing her that we couldn't go outside because it was raining but she was getting mad with me. She gets something into her head and she is so determined to do it she won't give in. The other day she got so mad with me when trying to get in the car because she wanted to walk. We were going to the shops and I was trying to explain she can walk wen we get to the shop, she wanted to go to the shop but she wanted to walk there. It would have taken an hour to walk there lol! Gosh toddler tantrums are hard work. 
Eva is really smiling and chatting now, iv put a video on my Instagram and it's the cutest thing ever she was cooing and smiling and just so adorable. I'm sure she was laughing when I was playing around in the mirror with her. I can't believe she will be 3 months next week, where has the time gone.
 Milk drunk 

Monday, 27 February 2017

Whipping them out all the time!

This week has had its up and downs and whether it's to do with the lack of sleep. I defiantly feel like iv lost my s***. Hopefully next week will be a bit better.

When we bought our house 3 years ago it was very run down and had to be stripped back to the brick and start again. There are still things we haven't finished and others that we still need to sort out since installing. Our radiator in our bedroom is either on full blast or we have to switch it off completely so that's what we do. Since having Eva we have had it on in the cold nights then just woken  up in a pool of sweat yuk not nice! Anyway I found some mould on the wall by our window it was the tiniest of patches but as Eva sleeps in our room I freaked out! I became a mad women and instantly bleached the wall to kill it then opened the windows, we got some mould paint stuff so I dosed the wall in that too. My Monday was consumed by pretty much bleaching and washing everything in antibacterial spray and wash. Now mould is very common in British houses, so I read but for some reason I just felt like I had failed as a mother to let my baby be surrounded by this, it could of only been there for a small amount of time but I just felt awful. I try so hard to clean and tidy the house and I felt like I have failed my household. Let's just say by the end of the day my hands were raw and dry, my back achy and the house was spotless.

Swimming day, I got into the pool with Scarlett since having Eva she was so excited she was squealing the whole time. She has really progressed in her swimming and instead of just letting me take her around she is kicking her legs, moving her arms and just enjoying her self so much.

I don't know why but wednesdays are a really difficult day for us. I tend to do something in the morning then Scarlett has a nap then some lunch then we are in the house the rest of the day and it just drags. Scarlett is a very active almost 2yr old and she just has to be doing something all the time and she needs me right by her side she won't just go and play off by herself. Scarlett loves to paint or do anything crafty she would rather do this than play with any other toys and she wants to do it all day. I'm the same with crafty things I love it. So I took her to a messy play session. I made a big mistake and didn't feed Eva before we left the house she was fast asleep so thought I would just get us all in the car and as it was the time she normally naps thought she would stay asleep in the pushchair. I was wrong. As soon as we got to the church hall Eva was crying out ready to be fed, what a disaster. Luckily there was a sing song before the messy fun started so I sat down with Scarlett and Eva whipped out my boob and fed her while Scarlett was enjoying dancing and singing to twinkle twinkle. I find myself just whipping them out all the time at inconvenient times, I'm not shy breastfeeding and will feed my baby when she needs me. However I do do it discreetly and on many occasions no one even knows, they will come over to me and say ohh is she sleeping and I'm like no she's feeding and they say oh I'm ever so sorry I'll leave you to carry on. I'm a massive breastfeeding supporter as iv breastfed both my babies but I do believe in doing it discreetly I dnt mean hide in a corner, sneak off to the toilet or suffocate your baby while covering them over but there are ways in which you don't have to expose your breast on full display. Your choice in clothing can defiantly help with this by wearing a nursing tank top under a looser fitting jumper/tshirt or a conveniently placed scarf are great cover ups. Obviously this won't work for everyone and I must admit when they get older or fussy and start pulling off mid flow and your milk sprays onto the next persons arm is not a subtle technique but that can't be helped. You are feeding and providing for you baby however I believe that you have to be considerate to other people and having your full breast on show can be avoided.
Back to the messy play. Scarlett had a great time and I loved seeing her in her element.

 Scarlett was exhausted at the end of it and went down for a nap when we got home. I thought she would be in for a couple of hours but an hour later I was surprised by her call out for me. From here on it was a terrible afternoon. I was tired after a run of bad nights sleep and  with her tiredness and irrability was not a good mix. Peppa the pig was defiantly needed as a distraction that day.

Scarlett is at nursery and I havey dedicated myself with filming some YouTube videos and a bit of cleaning.  Today I was recovering from the day before and just took it easy. Iv had this idea of have some dandelions in Eva's nursery room wall and as I couldn't find any wall stickers I liked online I decided to paint it myself. I am no painter but it is very relaxing, while the brush was stroking the grey paint across the yellow walls I realised I can't start again or erase this and the walls are a paint that I mixed myself so wouldn't get the exact shade so it needed to be right. I still haven't finished it yet but it's a working progress. 
I had planned to meet my sister and her little boy for a play in the park as storm Doris had hit the uk for the past couple of days we were getting cabin fever. As Scarlett was up so early by 9am she was looking tired and needed a nap so we had to change our plans. Having little ones it's never easy making agreements,  one will be napping and the other will be awake then that one will nap and the other needs there lunch, some days you arrange to do something then it all goes out the window and you just can't get out the house. We didn't end up meeting them in the end so I took Scarlett to our local park and hubby met us there it was a lovely afternoon of feeding the ducks and playing. It was freezing cold but it didn't stop the buddle  of energy, I really can't wait for spring and summer so Scarlett can just play outside all day long.


Don't you find if you dnt really make plans you can just waste a day pottering around the house trying to decided what to do lol. So we had a lazy morning and an afternoon at the park again, luckily the rain held off just as we were out.

A walk around a local water reservoir watching the boats feeding the ducks and playing in the park. It was so windy though Scarlett almost got blown off the climbing frame. Our week was rounded off by a delicious Sunday diner at my mums Sunday afternoon, she makes the best Sunday diner.


A mummy is someone who will always call on Peppa!

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

I'm not lying in bed, I'm feeding the baby!

I can't even think what I have done this week. Do you have times like this when your like what have I done and all the days mingle into one. So let me try and remember.

The time has come, baby Eva's first injections :-(
Scarlett didn't seem too bothered when she had her injections so I wasn't too worried. I breastfed her while they gave the injection and she whimpered a little and that was it and I think that was the trick. This time round with Eva I completely forgot at the time to get the boob out. Eva doesn't tend to cry a lot but when she does you really know about it and gosh did she tell us she wasn't happy. I felt sorry for the nurse it must be so horrible to see your inflicting so much pain on a new born baby. As she had the meningitis b vaccination you have to give calpol after they have it and throughout the day every 4 hrs in case they get a temperature. Eva pretty much fed cried and then slept all day she was quite unsettled and upset and when I picked her up and maybe rubbed against her leg where the injection went into she would get upset bless her.

Love is in the air, it's Valentine's Day.
I was treated with some lovely cards and a chocolate rose which I quickly ate so Scarlett wouldn't ask for some then be on a sugar high. Your always allowed to eat chocolate before breakfast on a special occasion. Hubby had bought me a spa day for a couple of weeks time , we had decided not to get anything for each other but he couldn't help himself. Well done hubby brownie points to you!

Stay n play, again we were late due to chasing round a half naked toddler trying to get her ready while the baby is crying. Scarlett goes to nursery twice a week so she is used to other children, toys and activities, whether it's her age or she is just hyper but she is so constant she flutters from one thing to the next, Taking toys off other children not knowing people's personal space. She's still so young but is this normal? I constantly have people comment about how busy she is and it's from the moment she wakes up to when she goes to bed.

Nursery day for Scarlett and it's house tidying and errands for me.

My great Uncle and Aunt came to Stratford upon Avon for a day trip from Bournemouth. My great uncle is in his 90s and is amazing he does so much and gets out and about. I hadn't seen him for years and he hadn't  met the girls so it was so lovely seeing them interact with each other.  We had a walk along the river, fed the ducks and watched the boats, Scarlett was in her element.

We finished off our visit with a trip to the park, Stratford upon Avon has a great park for little Ines Scarlett loves it she didn't want to leave and started crying. That's when everyone turns around to see what your child has done to get so upset then realised your going and is dreading when that moment comes for them and they have a tantrum on their hands.

We had a lazy morning before Scarlett's nap. Hubby has been getting up with Scarlett since I have had Eva as I am up in the night with her and then she tends to have a feed around 7,7:30 when Scarlett has her breakfast. In Hubby's eyes this is me having a lie in! Yes I am lying in bed and catching up on Facebook and Instagram on my phone but I am feeding our other child and there's nothing else I can do apart from lie there. It's actually my only time that I get to sit down is when I'm breastfeeding the rest of the time I'm either entertaining Scarlett, cooking, cleaning or changing dirty nappies. I saver as much time as I can in the morning and maybe pretend she is taking longer to feed because as soon as I go down stairs I'm back on duty ;-). It's my daddy's birthday today so we go over to my mum and dads house for a lovely diner and a celebration.
Another lazy morning. Scarlett is showing so much affection to Eva with the occasional hit or trying to fly her out of her bouncy chair. She keeps saying baby hold mamma baby hold and she comes up to hold her and kisses her. I just want to cry there and then it fills me with so much love and emotion . 

The weather is starting to get a bit better now and you can tell spring is on it's way. Spring is my most favourite time of the year I love how it's still chilly enough to wear jumpers but it's sunny enough to go out for nice walks and be outside. Scarlett loves being outside like me and I can't wait to get in the garden with her. My real mission this year is to sort out our garden I want to make it a real haven and an exciting place for the girls to play. We went out for Sunday diner at a local farmers market restaurant and I think I inhaled it I ate it that fast it was so yummy. Sunday diners are my favourite that and Chinese. 

This week I have learnt that a Mama is always on duty!


Sunday, 12 February 2017

My first blog in a while - Mummy multitasking to another level.

So I havent actually written on here for a very long time.
For a long while I have been totally taken over with everything that has been going on and with pregnancy and mummy brain I could barely think of the name of the road I live on let along sit down and write anything...
Finally I feel like my head is a bit together well today I feel like that anyway.. lol.
There is so much that is going on in my life now having 2 girlies under 2 I really want to document and share my journey and thoughts.
Every Sunday I am going to share what has been going on in my week and end with A MUMMY IS ... ? I'll share what I have learnt that week, what it is to be a mum. I feel that being a mummy or parent is a total learning curve and we learn something new each day and we keep on learning with each child.

So here goes...

Mondays are my cleaning day while Scarlett is at nursery, I have a little obsession with cleaning.  Hubby always jokes that I'm my happiest when cleaning, he is right :-).  There is nothing best than having a clean house it really invigorates me and I feel like I can take on the world when everything is clean and tidy.  The moment Scarlett is home its chaos again which I really dont mind I would rather her enjoy herself than it being all nice a tidy but those few hours of tidyness is nice its like when you put your makeup on, your ready for the day.

We have swimming in the morning and since having Eva my mum has gone in the pool with Scarlett.  It melts my heart the closeness that my mum and Scarlett have sometimes it brings a tear to my eye as you can see how much they love each other.  I am dying to get back in the pool with her as she is progressing so much , I feel like I am missing out just watching from the side.  I feel like you know whatey has heeled now (downstairs) So when our new term starts in 2 weeks I will be going in with her.

We had a terrible night with Scarlett she is normally so good with sleeping but she just wasnt having any of it tuesday night so wednesday we were knackered.  The plan was to go to a local stay n play but it just wasnt happening as I was still in my dressing gown at 9:15am I hadn't had a coffee and it started at 10am.
Scarlett was coming down with a cold and by the afternoon the tazamanian devil had set in.  I had a moment where I just wanted to lock myself in the cupboard with a large glass of Gin and tonic an cry but a big I mean massive deep breathe and I calmly put her on the naughty step for the first time.  It went well and she knew what she had done wrong.  I dnt think hubby would have appreciated the Tv being smashed by a toddler play kitchen bowl.  Does the insurance over this?

Another nursery day and more tidying and food shop.  I actually really enjoy food shopping, something you definatley cant do with children unless you want them to combusted with snacks you have given to keep them occupied and quiet.

Is the day we meet up with a friend and her daughter who is the same age as Scarlett.  As they have got older our conversations have got shorter from the interuption of either chasing a child or making sure they are behaving themselfs in the soft play area.
Mothehood really went to the next level today! We went to a gymnastics soft play for the first time, Scarlett had her coat, hat and almost one shoe off before I could even pay.  She had handed her coat to another mum someone completly random taking her little boy to the toilet that was close to the coats.  If you can imagen a dog being let off the lead at the most amazing park running around getting into everything, this was Scarlett.  I dont know if it's her age or just her personalitiy but this child is hyper! She literally wanted everything that someone else had, going up to the children taking it off them, climbing on them.  One little girl was looking at a photo on her Nan's phone that she just took of her and she sat down next to them also looking at the phone. She has no self awareness at all.
As I am coming to grips with having a toddler and a newborn I have been juggling being out and about with them.  Scarlett loves being out so im always doing stuff with her and diddnt want this to change.  When I woke up on Friday morning I never thought I would be running around a gymnastics play centre breastfeeding my 8 week old baby practically hanging off my boob and chasing a toddler boucing around like she has had extra durecell batteries in.  It really was like a scene from a comedy sketch.  God knows what the other parents thought of  This is multitasking to another level!!!
We finished off in costa and Scarlett had her first Babycinno, most of it was down her and on the table but she enjoyed it.

We had a nice late lunch at Bill's then went to the park to feed the ducks.  I have a little phobia of pigeons and when we started to feed the ducks it turned into my worst nightmare there was so many pigeons they were everywhere one even pecked my leg to get some bread they are horrible.  I hate them.
 Eva was 2 months old otday I can't believe how quick it is going its just crazy.  She is smiling loads and starting to look less like a newborn and have more character, she is such a good baby.

A bit of a lazy day, I had a nice coffee in bed. Hubby did some painting with Scarlett, she loves painting and wants to do it everyday.  I manage to contain the paint to the plastic sheet, the paper and Scarlett's hands but when Hubby manages the actitivity it gets everywhere I think he just lets her loose with her picasso materpieces.

This week I have learnt that a mummy is a super multitasker, no matter what is thrown at us we just get on with it the best we can.


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