Thursday, 13 August 2015

25 things they don't tell you about being a new Mom

Hi Everyone,

I haven't written on here for soooo long, apologises I literally haven't had one minute to type anything let alone be able to think about what I want to say (lack of sleep does that too you)

Nothing can really prepare you for being a new Mom but some tips or advice or even just hearing other people's experiences really does help.  So here are a few things that I really didn't understand until I went through it.

  1. When you first bring baby home you will look at them and think "Well what do we do now"
  2. You will learn how to do everything with one hand eat, apply makeup, check emails, take out the laundry, unload the dishwasher, housework literally everything.
  3. No more standing in the shower for half an hour because you love the feel of the warm water on your body.  You will be in and out of that shower before the end of 4 verses of Twinkle Twinkle little star.
  4. You will never go to the toilet alone without having little one in their bouncer by the door way. (this goes for the shower too)
  5. You will be surprised how quickly you can do your housework 15 minutes before guests arrive, its like Sabrina the teenage witch clicked her fingers.
  6. You will eat the strangest of things just for the quickness of grabbing something.
  7. Expect sick, poo, wee, bogies on every part of your body and clothes.
  8. Changing your top twice a day due to baby sick is classed as a good day.
  9. You will never be so excited for wee's ,poo's and burp's which you praise baby for.
  10. You can sleep sat up and completely aware of what's going on.
  11. You will wake up with what feels like hard watermelons stuck on your chest and about to burst like a water balloon. 
  12. You will be at least 30 minutes late everywhere.
  13. You will be so tired you want to cry but you can't sleep because you can't stop looking at your beautiful baby. it is definitely worth it.
  14. Straight after the birth you think I am not doing that again. 3 weeks later your talking about the next baby. 
  15. Milk can actually spray out of your boobs and can catch you off guard.
  16. Your mobile will be your best friend to get you through feeding at night.
  17. All the daytime TV you said never in a million years you would watch, you will.
  18. You don't know where it comes from but you can't get enough of that baby smell, its amazing.
  19. You will never eat or drink anything warm, every night I stare at my diner going cold thinking of what it tastes like.
  20. Don't feel bad if you do drop food on baby eating it while breast feeding.
  21. The weight did not just fall off while breastfeeding, those chocolate bars for a energy boost don't help.
  22. Swot up on your nursery rhymes. Hubby wont be impressed when he catches you sing Baby Got back like Ross did in friends.
  23. Their will be a lot of stuff you wont use that people will buy you.  Having a summer baby I used 1 hat for when she came home theirs about 6 in the draw. 
  24. You thought baby brain was bad, it gets worse.
  25. You have never felt Love and protection like it.
There is nothing that can prepare you for the Love that you will feel towards your little one, being a Mom is the most amazing thing in the world.

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