Friday, 20 March 2015

26- 27 Weeks Pregnant

How far along? 26- 27 Weeks pregnant

Weight Gain? I haven't weighed myself this week.

Maternity Clothes?  Same as before, Topshop jeans and T-shirts and comfy new look joggers.

Stretch Marks?  Not yet, still using Bio oil morning and night.

Best Moment?  We finally got our cot, it arrived without the dresser changer but Hubby worked really hard on Saturday to put it up.  Once it was up I put a sheet and blanket and a few toys in to make it look pretty.
We also had a info pregnancy session with a doula that we might use for antenatal classes. Its basically an insight in to the classes and if its your kind of thing.  It was really good and Hubby got to wear a sympathy pregnancy belly, I couldn't get over seeing him with boobs. hehehe.  We have booked our antenatal classes with her and we will start them in a few weeks.  We also went to the baby show at Excel in London and ordered our iCandy Pushchair.  We've had a busy couple of weeks.!

Miss Anything?  I don't really have a good night sleep anymore as I am tossing and turning constantly and my legs and hips get uncomfortable, so I'm missing sleep.

Food craving?  Still anything sugary, I am a lot better though and I'm trying to cut down.

Sleep?  Defiantly don't get much sleep anymore as its getting uncomfortable, getting me use to what's to come I suppose.

Movement?  All the time, she has a pattern of being most active when I go to sleep, through the night and early morning.

Gender?  Girl

Symptoms?  Again the same heartburn, itchy skin.  I haven't had a dizzy spell for a while which is good but I have started getting diarrhoea, which is not nice :-(

Mood?  Generally happy unless Iv had a bad nights sleep and I am restless and easly irritated but who isn't when they haven't had much sleep.

Thank you so much for reading, please check out my vlog's

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