Friday, 20 March 2015

28 - 29 Weeks Pregnant

How far along?  28 - 29 weeks pregnant.

Weight?  I haven't weighed myself but I did measure my belly.  I need to get a new bra so I measured myself to see what size I would be. Apparently I'm now a 36DD and I use to be 34C before I was pregnant.  Out of interest I measured my belly and it's 42 inches!!! I can't believe it. Not sure exactly what I was before but I wore size 10 jeans so that's a 28 inch waist.

Maternity clothes?  My t-shirts are starting to ride up now so I thought I would  buy a few basic tops.  I went to H & M and got a black and white nursing tank top, I think these were £12 for 2.  I also bought a basic grey t-shirt and a 3/4 sleeve floaty top. My bra's are starting to get too small so it looks like double boob (not a good look) I haven't managed to find any nice ones yet.

Stretch marks?  Not yet.  The itchiness on my tummy is not as bad but is still pretty bad on my chest.

Best Moment?  This is kind of my worst and best.  For a few days I didn't really feel her move much and she definitely didn't have her normal pattern of being active and kicking at night and in the morning.  I called my midwife, she couldn't see me but refereed me to the foetal unit at the hospital so I could get monitored.  Typically as soon as they put the monitor on me which is strapped around your stomach she was going crazy and having a little party in there.  You are on the monitor for around 20 minutes and every time you feel a kick you have to press this handheld button.  They measure her heartbeat and although it worried me seeing it rise and dip they said it was perfectly normal.  They were so lovely in there and said anytime I don't feel her to come in as its really important to act on it and don't think oh I'll leave it until tomorrow.  Even though worrying it was lovely to hear her heartbeat for 20 minutes and know she was ok.
We also received our dresser changer which hubby again put up, he really is becoming a handyman now.  All the furniture is in now we just need to get some built in wardrobes put up and sort it all out properly.
We also went to a Mothercare event at our local store, they close it off to the public at 7pm and only people that are registered can attend and then they have different talks and presentations on different products around the store.  They had lots of offers on and had 30% off nursery products so we bought our Chicco next to me crib.  We have had a busy couple of weeks!

Miss anything?  A good nights sleep.

Food craving?  Nothing in particular.

Sleep?  Terrible.  I woke up one night in absolute agony, I had cramp in my calf like iv never felt before, I was almost in tears. ( It takes a lot for me to cry)  After rubbing my leg and finally able to stand up to go to the toilet it went but it ached the day after.

Movement?  She had her little 2 days of not moving not sure if she was sleeping or just tired but after that she's been moving around.

Gender?  Girl

Symptoms?  My skin hasn't been to good these last few weeks and iv notice my hair seems to be shedding more and breaking at the ends more so than normal.  People say your hair is amazing when pregnant but mine was only nice for the first 3months.  I'm thinking of having my extensions back in just before she arrives as I don't have to do anything with them and they look nice.  I can just put it up or plait it and it will still look good, so I'm still deciding on what to do.  My heartburn has got a little worse, it seems like a different kind of burn now, really hard to explain but its a constant burn.

Mood?  When I'm tired I have been getting irritable but I like to think I'm generally happy.  It's not long now and I just cant wait for her to be here!


Maternity Haul

26-27 weeks Pregnant Our Cot has arrived!

26- 27 Weeks Pregnant

How far along? 26- 27 Weeks pregnant

Weight Gain? I haven't weighed myself this week.

Maternity Clothes?  Same as before, Topshop jeans and T-shirts and comfy new look joggers.

Stretch Marks?  Not yet, still using Bio oil morning and night.

Best Moment?  We finally got our cot, it arrived without the dresser changer but Hubby worked really hard on Saturday to put it up.  Once it was up I put a sheet and blanket and a few toys in to make it look pretty.
We also had a info pregnancy session with a doula that we might use for antenatal classes. Its basically an insight in to the classes and if its your kind of thing.  It was really good and Hubby got to wear a sympathy pregnancy belly, I couldn't get over seeing him with boobs. hehehe.  We have booked our antenatal classes with her and we will start them in a few weeks.  We also went to the baby show at Excel in London and ordered our iCandy Pushchair.  We've had a busy couple of weeks.!

Miss Anything?  I don't really have a good night sleep anymore as I am tossing and turning constantly and my legs and hips get uncomfortable, so I'm missing sleep.

Food craving?  Still anything sugary, I am a lot better though and I'm trying to cut down.

Sleep?  Defiantly don't get much sleep anymore as its getting uncomfortable, getting me use to what's to come I suppose.

Movement?  All the time, she has a pattern of being most active when I go to sleep, through the night and early morning.

Gender?  Girl

Symptoms?  Again the same heartburn, itchy skin.  I haven't had a dizzy spell for a while which is good but I have started getting diarrhoea, which is not nice :-(

Mood?  Generally happy unless Iv had a bad nights sleep and I am restless and easly irritated but who isn't when they haven't had much sleep.

Thank you so much for reading, please check out my vlog's


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