Wednesday, 18 February 2015

24 - 25 weeks Pregnant

How far along?  24 - 25 weeks pregnant

Weight Gain?  Since transfer 16 pounds

Maternity clothes? Still my Topshop skinny leigh Jeans, maternity T-shirt and comfy trousers from new look.  I am still wearing my normal clothes most of the time which generally are leggings and dresses and my Aztec waterfall Cardi.

Stretch marks?  Not yet but I'm getting Soooo itchy on my chest, back, sides, and tummy, it's so hard not to scratch.

Best Moment?  I have a proper pregnancy belly and I catch people looking at it and must be thinking Oh she's pregnant!  I met our new next door neighbour and the first thing she said was "Oh your expecting" I really wanted to say "NO" just to wind her up but thought that would be mean.

Miss anything?  I cant really see my toes unless I peep over my belly. Its quite hard to shave my legs even though I don't really bother anymore LOL. Shaving down there is another story, mission impossible!!!

Food craving?  I still haven't had my strawberry milkshake. :-(. Anything sugary I just can't get enough but I am trying to calm it down a bit.

Sleep?  It's Starting to get a bit more uncomfortable as my belly gets bigger and I suppose I get heavier.  I'm using my dreamgenii more and it does help.

Movement?  All the time, mainly when I get into bed and in the morning, hoping it's not a sign of her most active times or maybe it's because I'm focusing more on her I notice it more.

Gender?  Girl

Symptoms?  The same as before heartburn, breathlessness, Itchy skin.  I had a few dizzy spells even when eating so I don't think it is anything to do with Low blood sugar level.   Also when I lie down and mainly on my side I have heart palpitations and my chest feels heavy. I will mention it to my midwife when I see her next.

Wedding rings?  On

Mood?  Still happy.  I have noticed mainly when I'm at work as it can be emotional as Brides find their Wedding dresses and they have their family with them.  I have this overwhelming feeling of bursting out crying when I'm happy, its like BANG your guna cry.  It's really weird its not happened before.

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