Tuesday, 13 January 2015

20 - 21 Weeks Pregnant

How far Along?  20 - 21 Weeks Pregnant

Weight Gain?  12 Pounds, Iv indulged over Christmas so I think a few pounds is Chocolate lol!

Maternity Clothes?  Topshop Moto Dark Vintage Leigh Maternity Jeans size 10, regular long sleeve t shirts and my regular floaty winter jumpers.  For work I wear my regular medium leggings or tights t-shirt dress, Jumper or dress.

Stretch Marks?  No new ones.  Using bio oil every morning and night.  I do believe stretch marks are hereditary.  My Nan had stretch marks, my mum and Auntie, all on their tummy's so I'm expecting it but it cant harm oiling.

Sleep?  I suffered from sciatica before I was pregnant from having a bad back and now my hips are killing me, maybe from the extra weight or my pelvis stretching I'm not sure.  I bought a Dreamgenii from mothercare and its been really good so far.

Best Moment?  Having our Anomaly Scan and seeing the baby.  I just can't get enough of seeing her I never want it to end and I cant wait to have her in my arms.

Miss Anything?  Even though I rarely drink alcohol I did miss having a festive Christmas drink probably more for the novelty than anything else.  I did find a mulled berry punch from Sainsburys which tasted the exact same as mulled wine and I will have this next year too.

Movement?  Yes most days.  Luke hasn't felt her kick again though on the outside.

Food craving?  Nothing in particular.  I really need to start eating a bit more healthy after indulging over Christmas this baby will be addicted to chocolate.

Anything making you feel sick?  Not really.  I can stand coffee a little more now but don't really care for it so I just have my decaf tea and the occasional decaf gingerbread latte form costa as a little treat.

Gender?  Little Girl

Symptoms?  Boobs are defiantly getting bigger, not sure what size but I am wearing a nursing bra or I have a few bra's that have no underwire a bit like a sports bra.  Best part of the day taking my bra off hehe.  Also normal heartburn, indigestion, breathlessness and defiantly baby brain.  I forget things easier and find it difficult to explain what I want to say its so frustrating.  I wonder why that is?

Wedding rings?  On

Mood?  Happy however there was a few films on over Christmas both about dogs and either the owner died or the dogs and I was an emotional wreck anything with pets I just break down.

looking forward to?  We have been looking at pram travel systems and nursery furniture and I cant ait to get them.  The nursery furniture are on offer in the sale so we might order the cot and changing dresser soon before they finish.  Cant wait to do the nursery!!!

Thank you so much for reading and please head over to my youtube channel if you haven't already.

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