Friday, 9 January 2015

17 - 19 Weeks Pregnant Gender Reveal!

How Far Along?  17-19 Weeks

Total Weight Gain?  Haven't Weighed myself

Maternity Clothes?  I bought myself some Topshop maternity jeans in Moto Dark Vintage Leigh.  I had seen that ladies had recommend to go down a size as they do stretch out.  I am a 10-12 depending on which shop so I went for a size 10 and they are perfect, I really recommend them.

Stretch Marks?  No new ones.

Best Moment?  Find out we are having ..... A GIRL!!!

Miss Anything? Nope

Movement?  I'm not sure, I cant quite tell if its wind or movement hehe.

Food Cravings?  Not really just can't get enough of chocolate.

Anything making you feel queasy or sick?  Getting a bit better with meat but still can't stand looking at it raw.

Gender? GIRL!!! EEeek so excited!

Labour signs? No

Symptoms?  A bit of cramping which is everything stretching and also sometimes I get a stitch under my ribs which I guess is the same thing.  Constipation if I don't have my yoghurt and oatbran.  Iv started to have a few dizzy spells which my acupuncturist said is low blood sugar level so I need to snack more regularly and not on chocolate, ooop!

Wedding Rings? On

Mood? Happy, a little stressed from moving and wanting to put our Christmas tree up in time for Christmas.  Sounds silly I know but I absolutely love Christmas and look forward to it all year round.

Looking Forward to?  Christmas and spending time with family and relaxing after our busy couple of weeks.

Thank you so must for reading and please go and check out my youtube Channel if you haven't already.

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