Thursday, 8 January 2015

14- 16 Weeks Pregnant

I have put together my weeks until I catch up to where I currently am.  After being so busy with moving to our new house which we are currently renovating and will be moving into before Christmas ( I hope)  I just haven't had time to blog or record videos, I don't think I actually know where the camera is, maybe in a box somewhere lol.  Like many other youtubers to stop me babbling on for ages I have done a pregnancy questionnaire to record my weeks so here goes.

How far Along?  14-16 weeks

Total Weight gain?  5 pounds from Frozen embryo transfer.

Maternity Clothes?  Officially can't do up my size 10 gap jeans, they go on fine but as the day goes on they get very uncomfortable and the button has to get undone and zipper down.  I bought a belly band that comes in a pack of 2 one white and one black from Mother care.  I bought them in a Medium as I thought it would allow me to grow but they are way to big and roll down and up and just a waist of time.  I also feel that they are too thin and even if they did fit they wouldn't give any support.

Stretch Marks?  I already have stretch marks on my hips, inner thighs and chest from puberty and being over weight in early teens.  These are now silver white but I have always applied Palmers Coco butter or bio oil to these areas maybe every other day so I now apply everyday morning and night.

Sleep?  Really weird dreams and a couple of nights I had a nightmare which I haven't had for ages.

Best Moment?  Hearing babies heartbeat.  We have bought our own heart monitor it was from Tesco's and was around £35. A lot of people including midwifes had said not to get one as they can cause you to panic if you don't hear the babies heartbeat.  I really wanted to get one so I did and we heard babies heartbeat from 11.5 weeks.

Miss anything?  Nope

Movement?  Not yet

Food Craving?  Any carbs or rubbish food

Anything making you queasy or sick?  Raw Meat.  I can't stand the look of it or blood.  Sometimes when I eat cooked meat it starts making me feel sick and I can't finish it. 
I normally love coffee and have to have one every morning but I'm really not liking the smell of it, this started from the start of pregnancy.

Gender? Don't know yet but we think it's a boy, not for any reason we just have a feeling it is.

Labour signs?  No

Symptoms?  Heartburn and indigestion all the time, living on rennie's at the moment, they really work for me.  Getting out of breath when walking up the stairs or taking the dog for a walk or even when talking, I feel like an old lady. Lol!
Super bad constipation which I suffered from before I was pregnant.  A milky coffee or Yogurt and Oatbran really helps.
Growing pains, cramping and stretching mainly on the left side and also I get a stich under my ribs.  The bump is popping out a bit more and people have commenting on my pregnancy glowing skin, I think it was just oily skin. hehe.

Belly button in or out?  In, I think It will always be in so I will leave this question out next time.

Wedding rings on or off?  On

Happy or Moody?  Happy Soooo Happy.

Looking forward to?  Having a private Scan to find out the sex of the baby at 17.5 weeks, cant wait.

Thank you for Reading and Watching and all your support.

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