Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Frozen embryo Transfer

Hi Guys,
I'm a naughty blogger, life has just been passing me by so quickly this last month and I haven't been blogging what's been going on. Sorry!
So here's the low down.....
28th July - AF started so I started Buselin on day 2 which was the 29th July.  I was told to take that everyday for 2 weeks and then have a scan.
Symptoms - Not as bad as last time but a few hot flushes and not having much energy.


12th August - Scan day, everything looked good and my lining was thin and no cysts on my ovaries.  I was given Progynova which helps build up your lining and had to take that for 2 days one morning and night and then from then onwards to take them one morning, lunch time and evening and carry on the Buserlin until my next scan a week later.
Symptoms - Hot flushes are a bit more frequent but again nothing compared to last time. Feeling a bit sorry for my self and emotional not to the point I would cry though, it takes a lot for me to cry.

19th August - Scan was good, my lining was 10mm and they look for it to be 8mm upwards.  My nurse said we could go ahead and schedule our Frozen embryo transfer Yepeee!


24th August - Last day of taking my Buserlin injections and first day of starting the progesterone.  Last time I didn't get on well with the cyclogest pessaries as they were giving me (TMI) diarrhoea. So they prescribed me Lubion which is an injection form.  As it was bank holiday here in England all the pharmacy's were closed so I used the pessaries until after the weekend.
Symptoms - Feeling pretty good still having hot flushes up until taking Buserlin.  Really anxious and excited for transfer day.

28th August - I had a Thai yoga massage for 2.5 hours which completely chilled me out for transfer day.

29th August - TRANSFER DAY!!!!! We were told they would call us with our time for coming in after they had defrosted little embryo.  Anxiously waiting the phone finally rings at 10:45am for us to be told Embie had defrosted nicely and we can go in at 12pm for transfer. Ohh forgot to say I had acupuncture at 8am for a pre transfer treatment.
We didn't have to wait too long to go in and it looked like they had been busy all morning.  Their was just me and another lady waiting for our transfers I'm guessing her's was a frozen one too.  Some of the other ladies there had just had their egg retrievals and I was remembering how I felt at that point. I did feel grateful however that I wasn't going through that this time because it was quite painful and I suffered from OHSS, that sucked.
I put my gown and slippers on and a long black cardie, they tell you to bring a nightie and dressing gown.  I'm more of a PJ girl and the only nightie I have is shall I say for my husbands eyes only.... lol! Also the only dressing gown I had suitable is a big fluffy pink one, the rest maybe would have been contently wrong as having big sparkly Princess writing on your back and also Bride would have not been the look I was going for in a fertility clinic. 
Hubby put his gown on too and off we went.  While lying back which felt like almost vertical I tried to zone out and I pictured sitting on a beach with the waves crashing onto the sand.  The Exact same Picture of our honeymoon to the Maldives.
A different doctor did our transfer this time however she was the doctor that we had been seeing through our whole IVF process which was really nice.  With all of her transfers she shows the couple the little embryo going in and then gives you a photo of it.  This was so lovely and hopefully the first of many scan picture's we will have of this baby.
After the deed was done :-) I went back to my bed and laid down for around half and hour and then I could go.  Luckily it was a Friday so the whole weekend me and hubby spent on the sofa watching films and relaxing.
I had another acupuncture treatment 7pm Transfer day and also on the Monday after for implantation.  Acupuncture really helps me to focus on what is going on with my body and keep me positive and relaxed about this whole process.  My acupuncturist specialises in fertility so it is nice to get reassured by her and talk to her about anything I am worried about, she's so lovely.

2nd September  - 4 days past Transfer - It is our 3rd year Wedding Anniversary, I can't believe it has been 3 years already and 2 years of our IVF Journey.  Since transfer I have been feeling a little bloated and also crampy.  I am petrified of anything happening and kinda feel like I want to hide myself away and not move so nothing can happen, silly I know.  Hopefully the cramping is a good sign, so I've read fingers crossed it means implantation.

So here is the start of my Two Weeks Wait.  Pregnancy test at the clinic is booked for the 10th September, guna be the longest 8 days of my live.  I will keep you updated as I go further into my 2 week wait, I will I promise. :-)

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Thank you for reading and watching.


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