Friday, 17 May 2013

What to expect after laparoscopy Operation

Here are a few things that I have experienced after my Laparoscopy dye and hysteroscopy operation.

Chest and shoulder pain
This is caused by the gas they use to inflate the abdomen which pushes the organs away from the abdomen wall so the surgeon can see clearly.
This was really the only thing that was painful for me. It made it worse by eating or lying down.
You can relive it by:-
Movement/ gentle walking
Peppermint tea
Massage to the shoulder or painful area.( I got hubby to do this for me and it really helped. I knew I would get him to massage me for more than 5 mins one day lol)
Co-codamol, this knocked me out so I just feel asleep but the pain came back when I woke up.
You will find that you might burp or be a bit gassy, this however doesn't relive the pain.
By day 3 it had gone.

Wear loose clothing
You will feel quite bloated and swollen from the gas. I have been wearing
Loose clothing to make myself feel more comfortable. I would also advise to wear loose clothing after the surgery when you come home, this is when you'll be your most bloated.

When you first pass urine you might have some bleeding. It will be like the end of a period and very light. I would advise to wear a sanity towel for a week as you might have a bit of spotting here and there.

Sore throat
I had a sore throat after coming out of surgery because of the tube they put down. It will feel a little scratchy a few days after but nothing major.

Tight, sore and bruised
The skin around your stitches will feel a little tight and sore but not as much as I thought it would be. I have one stitch one my side, Two just underneath and one in my belly button, this is probably the most tender and my tummy is quite bruised.
( Iv just taken off my dressing so that's why my skin is red and has weird lines on it)

Pain relief
I'm not really one for taking tablets but if I really can't cope I'll take them. They gave me Co-Codamol for the pain and Diclofenac which is an anti inflammatory. The first time I took Diclofenac was the night before the gas pain went. I don't know if this was why it got better or just a coincidence. I took the co-codamol the first 2 days as the shoulder pain was unbearable and these just knocked me out.

Having to change your side of the bed
If like me you have a side of the bed you sleep on and for no reason you will compromise on changing it with hubby, I'm afraid this is when you will need to.
I have to sleep on the left side of the bed and will not change for anything but for the fact hubby might elbow me in the night you have to make sure your wounds are on the side hubby isn't. I think hubby was that conscious of not elbowing my side, the first night I woke up with both his arms over my face. He said it was the only part of my body he could hold. Ahhh bless him!

Afternoon naps
If you are tired or feel like you need a nap. Get on the sofa or into bed and do just that! Don't feel guilty, your body is recovering and if your tired it's your body's way of telling you, you need rest!

Avoid Driving
I'm on day 4 after the op and I still haven't driven, but iv not needed to. They say 48hours after but if you need to do an emergency stop you might cause damage to your wounds. Everyone is different so if you feel like you can drive safely then go for it.

O Natural
You need to keep your wounds dry for at least 24 hours so just this once you are allowed to smell a bit. After that you can have only showers, try not to soak your wounds. Stand with your back to the water and let the water drip down your body. Don't be afraid if soap runs on it just don't rub it in. After showering pat dry your wound and place new dressing on the area.

Re place dressing

You will have dressing on from the Op but once you get in the shower it will get wet and you will have to replace it. You can buy this from a pharmacy. Re place dressing every time you shower or every day. I don't use any antiseptic or lotion on the wound as the water is enough. If your wound turns a funny colour or keeps bleeding go to your doctor to get it checked out.

Time off work
I am taking some time out from work while we are going through our IVF journey. Seek advice from your doctor into how long you should take off work as it all depends on what job you have. They will say a week or so but it all depends on how you feel.

Rest is a great healer!
After a few days you might feel back to your normal self or like me your itching to do housework but just remember you have had surgery and you might feel better in yourself but your body is still recovering so just rest.

I hope this helps.

Have a great day


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