Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Laparoscopy operation day and results

The day has finally come and I'm am in the waiting area of the hospital getting ready for my operation. I'm writing this as the day goes on so bare with me :-)

I arrived at the hospital checked in and was sent to the day ward. I then waited to see the specialist that is doing my operation which was the really nice doctor we saw the other day. She asked me if there was any questions I wanted answering which I couldn't think of anything apart from when will I be able to go home. Lol! She said my operation will be around 12pm and I am now waiting to be seen by a nurse to get allocated a bed.

8:30 A nurse calls me through takes my blood pressure and asks if I'm allergic to anything. She asks me for a urine sample and gives me a gown and (sexy) socks lol! Back to the waiting area I go.
Still waiting and getting really frustrated and anxious.
Been moved to another waiting area which is inside the ward and not in the waiting area where there are new mums and babies. I told hubby to go cus he didn't realise we would be waiting this long and didn't book work off. My mouth is so dry because I can't drink anything and they have just bought lunch round for the ward and my tummy is rumbling.
There's another lady waiting with me and we can't believe we have been Waiting for so long.
They finally call me through and take me to my bed. I put my socks and gown on and sit on the bed and start reading my magazine. There's a couple of ladies in my room they are all around 80years old. One lady opposite me is being sick really loud and it's making me heave. Thankfully they come and collect me to take me down to surgery.
They wheel me down on the bed to the anaesthetic room. I was wearing a sports bra and had to take it off. They put some pads on my chest, I think to monitor my heart. The anaesthetist asks me to pump my hand so my veins pop up in my hand so they can put the cannula in which is where they put all your medication into. He put a vile in which he said helps with sickness when you come round. I look at the clock and it's 2:15. The nurse puts an oxygen mask on and tells me to take some deep breathes in. She is just chatting away to me and before I know it I'm asleep.
As I'm coming around I feel them take the tube out of my throat. It's horrible but after a few minutes I can't really remember it, it's really weird.
I look at the clock in the recovery room. The room is massive and there are loads of people in there. Each bed/ person has a nurse sat by them
monitoring them. I was a bit out of it so it's all a bit hazy. I do remember finding it hard to breathe so I took a few deep breathes in as I had my oxygen mask on. My Left side is a bit sore I have 3 incisions one by my belly button, one on the side and the other just below.
After what I presume was an hour they took me back up to the ward. My chest and shoulder felt really tight and uncomfortable I had read before that this is because of all the gas they pump into you causes pressure and it can be really painful so I was prepared for it. I had similar pain when I had the ectopic.
The nurse said she could give me some ibuprofen for the pain but I can't have it on an empty stomach. She bought me a cup of tea and some digestive biscuits. My throat was really sore from the tube so I didn't think I would be able to eat anything. I almost choked on the biscuit because it was so dry. I also knew that if I ate and drank something they would let me go home.
They took my drip out of my arm and told me once I was feeling better and had gone for a wee I could go.
One of the nurses that was helping out the specialist in the operation came round and talked to me about what they had found and done.
I had 2 adhesion's which is scar tissue from my ectopic. One they removed but the other one was near my bowel which they will look at another time. My one tube had no dye passing through it so it's completely blocked!!! I am devastated!! I knew It was likely that would be the case but I suppose I just never thought I would here those words. I have to wait till I have my follow up appointment in the next couple of weeks to find out more but IVF will defiantly be our next stage.
I couldn't hold back my tears, I just wanted to hide under the blanket and
Not have to talk to anyone. It made it worse that I heard the nurse telling the lady opposite me which was the women that was in the waiting area with me. She had her operation after me and they told her, both her tubes were fine. She is in her late 30s and all I could think of was a person my age shouldn't be going through all of this.
Hubby arrived and I broke down I'm just so devastated as always he was being really positive and saying it is a good thing that we can now have IVF but I just couldn't stop thinking of the heartbreak that I will never be able to conceive naturally.
I had passed urine and they had taken my cannula out. The nurse said she will do my discharge letter and I can go home. They give me co- codamol which is for pain relief and diclofenac Which is an anti inflammatory.
I'm home!!! I'm in quite a bit of discomfort with the chest and shoulder pain. Hubby makes me some soup then I fall asleep on the sofa.
Up to bed I go, the shoulder pain is still painful and at first it's really difficult to get comfortable but I'm so tired I fall asleep.

The day after (today) I'm in a lot of pain with the chest and shoulder pressure it eases a bit when I stand up or sit up straight but as soon as I lay back down the pain is really bad. I read on the Internet that one women thought she was having a heart attack it was that bad. Peppermint tea helps a bit but every time I eat something it is worse. The only thing that really makes a difference is the co- codamol which just sends me off to sleep.

I will keep you updated with my progression.

Have a good day

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