Tuesday, 21 May 2013

How to dress your wound movie editing nightmare

I decided that as I wanted to get into vlogging I would do a few videos to get me use to making and editing them. Wellll!!! oh my goodness!!!
If you dont know what you are doing its hard!
Theres some people thinking, No its dead easy.
Well I really struggled. I first used an app on my ipad which was a big mistake because once I had filmed the video I couldnt share them anywhere else. This was Video Booth. Then I tried researching a load of free video editing app for ipads and with most of them something wasnt right for me. I then decided I would edit them on my mac book which is about 10 years old. It took me ages to try get hold of the videos and transfer them over to my mac. I ended up using Dropbox but then ran out of storage, for a few files dropbox is quite good.
By the Way this took me all of Friday and most of Saturday I wanted to pull my hair out!! Everything just went wrong!!! :-(
So eventually I got it all up and edited and uploaded to youtube only to watch it and realise it was not good quality. I just couldnt believe it, I filmed it on my ipad so it was good then but cus my mac is so old when I saved it on there it must have changed the quality. After 2 days trying to upload I thought what the fudge i'll just leave it on there its only a 5 minute video.
Anyways all weekend it has been bugging me and im a bit of a perfectionist so today I have uploaded Windows Movie maker and It worked YEY!!!!! I think it is perfect for what I wanted and easy to upload videos and edit AND it was free to download.
Im all ready now to make more videos and edit them with ease.
Here is my video

Thank you for watching
Have a great Day

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