Monday, 22 April 2013

Ttc lingo!

When I first started going onto Ttc forums, blogs and facebook I started to read people's conversations and thought they were talking a different language! I just couldn't understand what they were going on about. After quite a while I started to pick up the Ttc lingo!
Here is a list of a few Ttc terms!

Ttc - trying to conceive
AF - Period
BD - Baby dance/ Having sex
Bbt - Basal body temperature
Bfn - Big fat negative
Bfp - Big fat positive
Cd - Cycle day
Cb - Cycle buddy
Cm - Cervical mucus
Cp - Cervical position
DH - Dear husband
Dp - Dancing partner
Dpo - Days past ovulation
Ff - Fertility friend
Fr - First response pregnancy test
Frer - First response early response
Hpt - Home pregnancy test
O,Ov - Ovulation
Pg - Pregnant/ pregnancy
Lp - Luteal phase, days between Ov and Af

These are just a few that I have come across, please feel free to add any others.

Have a nice day

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