Sunday, 28 April 2013

1st vlog!!!!!

So ladies I finally built up the courage to film my first vlog! Ahhhhh!
Hubby was away on business so I thought Id take the chance while I had some alone time and try and film a video on my Ectopic pregnancy.  It was exactly a year ( 26th April ) since my ectopic when i uploaded the vlog so thought it was quite fitting.
The reason for filming this video is I wanted to share my Story to help others, if they have been through the same or if someone thinks they have symptoms and were looking to see if it was an ectopic they are experiencing. I had a few problems to start with and my dog was bouncing on my bed so the camera kept moving around lol!
I hate watching myself talk but I just thought it doesn't matter if it helps someone I don't mind looking or sounding silly.
By the end of the video I actually enjoyed it and was glad to share my story.
So here it is ladies.....

Have a nice day

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