Sunday, 28 April 2013

1st vlog!!!!!

So ladies I finally built up the courage to film my first vlog! Ahhhhh!
Hubby was away on business so I thought Id take the chance while I had some alone time and try and film a video on my Ectopic pregnancy.  It was exactly a year ( 26th April ) since my ectopic when i uploaded the vlog so thought it was quite fitting.
The reason for filming this video is I wanted to share my Story to help others, if they have been through the same or if someone thinks they have symptoms and were looking to see if it was an ectopic they are experiencing. I had a few problems to start with and my dog was bouncing on my bed so the camera kept moving around lol!
I hate watching myself talk but I just thought it doesn't matter if it helps someone I don't mind looking or sounding silly.
By the end of the video I actually enjoyed it and was glad to share my story.
So here it is ladies.....

Have a nice day

Monday, 22 April 2013

Ttc lingo!

When I first started going onto Ttc forums, blogs and facebook I started to read people's conversations and thought they were talking a different language! I just couldn't understand what they were going on about. After quite a while I started to pick up the Ttc lingo!
Here is a list of a few Ttc terms!

Ttc - trying to conceive
AF - Period
BD - Baby dance/ Having sex
Bbt - Basal body temperature
Bfn - Big fat negative
Bfp - Big fat positive
Cd - Cycle day
Cb - Cycle buddy
Cm - Cervical mucus
Cp - Cervical position
DH - Dear husband
Dp - Dancing partner
Dpo - Days past ovulation
Ff - Fertility friend
Fr - First response pregnancy test
Frer - First response early response
Hpt - Home pregnancy test
O,Ov - Ovulation
Pg - Pregnant/ pregnancy
Lp - Luteal phase, days between Ov and Af

These are just a few that I have come across, please feel free to add any others.

Have a nice day

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Cake Pop shellac

As the sun has been showing a little appearance recently I wanted to get into the spring mood. I just ordered this Cake Pop Shellac and couldn't wait to try it.
It's a little more lilac than I thought but it's a nice change from coral or pink.
Iv seen this colour in lots of magazines and shops so it must be the thing right now! :-)

Have a nice day

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

10 minute workout!!

I read on that her and her sister tired Popsugar fitness BUTI workout, so I thought I would try it out. It is quite hard but you can instantly feel like it is doing something. It is only for 10 minutes which I like because I get bored easily and it really gets your heart rate up. I also tried the skinny jeans workout and this really burns you legs and butt!!!
I'm going to be sore in the morning!!!

Thank you sam for introducing us to these videos!
Im going to try and do one everyday when I wake up and because they are only 10 minutes workouts I have no excuse into squeezing them into my day.

Go check them out!!!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Birthday, flu and lots of chocolate

It was my Birthday the week before last, then we had Easter and then I had the flu so I haven't been good with my blogs. Sorry!

Hubby took me away for the weekend for my birthday which was lovely.
Everyone asked me what I wanted but I just didn't know so I got lots of gift cards which is fab cus when it gets a bit warmer I can get lots of summer clothes.

I also got a pink and black jacket from my mum which will look super cute with some jeans or black leggings or a black dress.

Hubby got me vouchers, champagne and some new trainers. My old ones are like 4 years old and are looking a bit depressed.

My Aunt and Uncle got me soap and glory body products. The birthday box has Clean on me Clarifying shower gel, a shower puff and Righteous body butter. The Scent-sationalism has Flirty floral body spray, spray on body moisturiser and soft and sexy body spray. I love soap and glory products they smell so nice and feel amazing on your skin.

The weekend after my birthday it was Easter, which we spent with the family eating lots of food and chocolate. I started getting a cold good Friday and by Easter Sunday I felt terrible. The chocolate did make me feel a little better tho! :-)

With lots going on I haven't carried on with my cellulite challenge but I am starting it again today and will update you with results.

Have a great day


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