Monday, 14 January 2013

TTC update

So I haven't posted for a while, with Christmas and New Year and working in between its been crazy.
So here's an update of our TTC journey.  
I had my letter from the fertility specialist that we have been referred too by the doctor and I will be seeing them on the 25th. My acupuncturist suggested I charted my temperature to try and gage ovulation which hasn't worked out as planned this month.  It's been all over the place! By my temperature I haven't ovulated this month but by my opks I ovulated twice.

I started spotting on cd28 which I thought maybe the start of AF which is normally between cd30-36 but ( sorry tmi) it just stayed a brown discharge and tiny little pink spots. I didn't want to get too excited but I thought maybe this is implantation bleeding!
 I'm now on cd45 and still no period and I have taken neumorous pregnancy tests and all negative :-( . So god knows what is going on. I have no symptoms of AF arriving. I normally get sore breast when I ovulate then ttcthey get more painful when AF arrives along with bad cramps a day before it begins. I haven't been to the doctors because I think I will just wait to see what the specialist says.  It's such a roller coaster!!!!!

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