Sunday, 4 November 2012

Ultrasound scan

I had my ultrasound scan yesterday!!!
I was so nervous and when I woke up I felt sick. I was so worried that they would find something.
My appointment was at 9:30 we got there at 9:15 and by 9:20 we got called in. I climbed on the bed and pulled my top up and my jeans down a little so she Could but the gel on my tummy.
I was so glad I didn't have to take any clothes off cus it was freezing in there.
She scanned my ovaries and my kidneys and she said everything looked normal!!! Yey!!! The nurse said my doctor will contact me with the results but as far as she could see it was fine.
As we left I felt relived but also a bit anxious as it hasn't given us any answers to why it's taking so long to conceive.
My hubby said it was weird cus he could see the scan screen and this is what it will be like when we see our baby when we finally do get pregnant.
Next week I will ring my doctors and see where we go from here.

AF has finished so just waiting for a ovulation now! Fingers crossed for this month!

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