Monday, 12 November 2012

Kardashian collection Dorothy Perkins

I went to have a look at the Kardashian collection in Dorothy Perkins today. They didn't have it in the main Dotty Ps in my town but they had it in outfit which has a concession. There was only a few items in the collection around 4 different dresses, some black jeans, black blazer, leopard print blazer and some tops. There were also two purses a couple of bags and a leopard print scarf.
Well what can I say!!!
I really don't want to say bad things as I love the Kardashians but from what I saw I wasn't really impressed. I really wanted to buy something because it was part of there collection but I just couldn't justify spending £30-£40.
I tried on two blouses one black with velvet edging that was really stiff and uncomfortable. The other was a white blouse with black lace on the shoulder, it was ok but nothing special.
I was really disappointed but as they only had a few items in store I'm not going to make a judgement yet until I go to another store to see what else they have.
If you have seen the Kardashian collection let me know what you think?

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