Thursday, 22 November 2012

Are your GP's always right?

My acupuncture centre held a fertility evening last night with some of the top UK fertility specialists. After a lot of medical terms and explanation into IVF and different ways of assisted fertility. The floor was open to ask questions, many people wanted to know about thyroid problems, medication and what tests to have done next.
When it came to talking about tests and GPs the specialists said that because of the NHS doctors are reluctant on giving you medications or test because of the cost and that to get any real proper tests done you have to be referred to a specialist.
I found with my GPs that you really have to push to get anything done and then they don't really give you a proper result evaluation. Today I am going to my GP to get referred to the specialist as I have had enough with not being treated properly.
Please let me know if you have been through a similar thing with your GP?

Ps Happy thanksgiving to everyone in the US xxx

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