Monday, 26 November 2012

Butternut squash soup!!!

I'm obsessed with Glorious skinny butternut squash soup it's so yummy and warming on a cold winters day. This is my second time this week that I have had it for lunch I could live on it! It's so creamy but has a little kick to warm you up and only 103 calories in half the tub. I bought it in Sainsburys, I think it was only £1 or £2 so I got two. posted a blog on my Ectopic Story.
There are many other Ladies who have also shared their Ectopic storys and they are all different.  I really didnt realise how common it is to have an Ectopic. Many Ladies have gone on to have successful pregnancies either naturally or assisted so it makes me feel very positive about the future.

Here is the link to Ectopicpregnancyireland Blog

Have a Lovely Day

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Are your GP's always right?

My acupuncture centre held a fertility evening last night with some of the top UK fertility specialists. After a lot of medical terms and explanation into IVF and different ways of assisted fertility. The floor was open to ask questions, many people wanted to know about thyroid problems, medication and what tests to have done next.
When it came to talking about tests and GPs the specialists said that because of the NHS doctors are reluctant on giving you medications or test because of the cost and that to get any real proper tests done you have to be referred to a specialist.
I found with my GPs that you really have to push to get anything done and then they don't really give you a proper result evaluation. Today I am going to my GP to get referred to the specialist as I have had enough with not being treated properly.
Please let me know if you have been through a similar thing with your GP?

Ps Happy thanksgiving to everyone in the US xxx

Monday, 19 November 2012

Doggie Birthday cake

Today is my little westie's 5th birthday. Can't believe it she still seems like a puppy. Instead of buying her a toy because he has loads of them I wanted to bake her a doggie cake :-)
I looked online for a recipe and they were all pretty much the same, here it is.
1 egg
1/4 cup peanut butter
1/4 cup cooking oil
1/3 cup honey
1 cup shredded carrots
1 cup whole wheat flour
1 teaspoon baking soda

1. Pre heat oven to 175c and grease baking tin of your choice.
2. Mix egg, honey,peanut butter and oil in a bowl.
3. Sift the flour, baking soda and add the carrot.
4. Spoon mixture in baking tin.
5. Cook for 40 minutes.
6. Let cake cool for 10 minutes and decorate with peanut butter (optional)

I baked my cake in a bread tin and divided it into 2 as its my mums dogs birthday on Thursday. I edged the cake in peanut butter and shaped them like a dog bone .

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Dreams that feel so real

I had a dream last night, it was one of those dreams that feels so real and when you wake you think it has happened. I hate those dreams because you feel so disappointed when you wake.
So in the dream I had a baby and I was breast feeding then I was just doing general things in the day like nappy changing and caring for the baby. We then had people over and they were all cooing over the baby, there wasn't anything significant about the dream it was just an average day but I had a baby in my arms.
All day I have felt really sad and very very broody. I hate those kind of dreams because it makes you want it to come true!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Cleaning obsession rust tip

I have a little cleaning obsession and constantly cleaning the house from top to bottom.
So here's a tip to get all your Crome objects clean, smear and rust free!
Johnsons baby oil!!!
Yes you heard right, dap some
Oil on some kitchen roll or on a scowler for stubborn rust and work away at it until clean.
Here is a photo to show you how
Well it's works. I've only used baby oil and a kitchen tissue. Sorry that it's the toilet brush holder I couldn't find anything else that had rust on it and it is rust not poop! Lol!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Kardashian collection Dorothy Perkins

I went to have a look at the Kardashian collection in Dorothy Perkins today. They didn't have it in the main Dotty Ps in my town but they had it in outfit which has a concession. There was only a few items in the collection around 4 different dresses, some black jeans, black blazer, leopard print blazer and some tops. There were also two purses a couple of bags and a leopard print scarf.
Well what can I say!!!
I really don't want to say bad things as I love the Kardashians but from what I saw I wasn't really impressed. I really wanted to buy something because it was part of there collection but I just couldn't justify spending £30-£40.
I tried on two blouses one black with velvet edging that was really stiff and uncomfortable. The other was a white blouse with black lace on the shoulder, it was ok but nothing special.
I was really disappointed but as they only had a few items in store I'm not going to make a judgement yet until I go to another store to see what else they have.
If you have seen the Kardashian collection let me know what you think?

Ultrasound Scan Results

I rang my Doctor today to see if my Scan results came back. The receptionist said they came back and no action is needed and that was that. I asked to have a telephone appointment with the Doctor as I wanted to know if there are any other tests or whether my Husband will now need tests as mine have come back normal. I really feel frustrated with the doctors as I thought they would automatically call me in to discuss our options. You really have to badger them and to get anything done you have to push them to do anything. They should be the professionals and there job to to find out what the problem is!!! ahhhh its so infuriating!!!

Dorothy Perkins Kardashian collection

Later on today I am going to go and check out the Kardashian collection in Dorothy Perkins.  I'm looking forward to seeing what they have. I looked on line at some of there things and I was a bit sceptical so we shall see!
I do wonder why they have picked Dotty P's tho, you would have thought they would have gone for Topshop or New Look as they are more popular!
I will let you know what I think and post any pics of any purchases!

Monday, 5 November 2012

The Kardashians are coming to the UK!

The Kardashian Collection is coming to Dorothy Perkins on the 8th November!
I am looking forward to seeing what their collection is like, I love The Kardashians and I love all of their styles.

Their style is Classic, chic and glamorous and they definatley know how to show off their curves!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Ultrasound scan

I had my ultrasound scan yesterday!!!
I was so nervous and when I woke up I felt sick. I was so worried that they would find something.
My appointment was at 9:30 we got there at 9:15 and by 9:20 we got called in. I climbed on the bed and pulled my top up and my jeans down a little so she Could but the gel on my tummy.
I was so glad I didn't have to take any clothes off cus it was freezing in there.
She scanned my ovaries and my kidneys and she said everything looked normal!!! Yey!!! The nurse said my doctor will contact me with the results but as far as she could see it was fine.
As we left I felt relived but also a bit anxious as it hasn't given us any answers to why it's taking so long to conceive.
My hubby said it was weird cus he could see the scan screen and this is what it will be like when we see our baby when we finally do get pregnant.
Next week I will ring my doctors and see where we go from here.

AF has finished so just waiting for a ovulation now! Fingers crossed for this month!


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