Tuesday, 9 October 2012

TTC and Ectopic Story

So this is my TTC and Ectopic story........ where to start.....
When my husband proposed to me 4 years ago we just knew we wanted to start trying for a baby so I came off the pill and we waited to see what happend.  Time had passed and I was getting frustrated in why it wasnt happening, I mentioned it a few times to different people and even the doctor and they all said " Oh your young you have plenty of time, it will happen".Which didnt help at all as I was ready and wanted it to happen now!
Two years had passed and still nothing so I decided to start trying to calculate ovulation and the best time to .... well you know!
It didnt quite work out as planned... When trying to tell your hubby tonight it the night it kinda takes the excitment out of it all, it becomes to regimented and scheduled.  So after a few arguments and hopeful nights of trying to be extra sexy ;-) I gave up on the idea.

September 2011 we got married and a close family member new of our struggle of trying to concieve and suggested acupuncture, she paid for our first appointment as a wedding gift. In January we went to our first appointment and it seemed strange at first but afterwards you feel amazing. We went to seperate appointments and I went more often than my husband, I would say around 3 times a month.  By March I feel pregnant however I didnt know.....

I have irregular periods from around day 30- 40. Even the slightess symptom like feeling nausious, stomach twinges, tiredness, upset stomach a few days late, then I'm thinking maybe baby???
My husband says we should have shares in pregnancy tests as I am constantly buying them, im so impatient.!! After having a normal period, three weeks later my boobs starting feeling very heavy, sore and on FIRE! the weeks before my period I was feeling tired but put that down to having a cold and as my period came I wasnt thinking anymore of it.  As my boobs were getting more painful to the point clothing and even the water in the shower was causing me discomfort, I thought what the hell I would buy a test even though nothing would come up as it would be too early. So after a busy day at work and an evening meal at TGI's I came home and secretly did the test while hubby was in the bath. With the test hidden under my legs I quickly looked at it and to my suprise their was a dark second line. After all those tests I have done in the past this was the first positive I had seen, I couldnt believe it!

I turned and looked at hubby and said " Im pregnant"
He couldnt beleive it either and said well where do we go from here, lets buy another test to be sure. As I was so excited that I had my first positive hubby said I had a bit of a panic attack but I was just excited and shocked. From the moment I said I was pregnant I started having stomach cramps. Thinking back I did have little twinges and cramps the weeks before but didnt think anything of it. As I waited for him to get out of the bath and changed they started to get worse. We drove to the nearest late night supermarket and I told hubby for him to go in as I was having cramps, he told me to try and relax and it would be ok. When he returned the cramps were worse and winding me, I was also having pain across my shoulder which I later found out it was called shoulder tip pain which is caused by internal bleeding which pushes the diaphragm up.
He told me it will be ok and well go home and relax with a cup of tea, I think he thought I was being a drama queen. As we were right by the hospital and we had the positive test I thought something has got to be wrong if the cramps were so painful, so we went.
After telling the doctors what had happened in the last hour they wanted me to do a urine sample to make sure I was pregnant. Well the last thing I could think about was having a pee! Every time I went to go to the toilet I almost past out the pain was unbearable and I couldn't understand y they didn't know what was wrong. The pain was coming on in waves, I couldn't lie on my back and the should tip pain felt horrendous. Eventually they did a blood test and said "yes" your pregnant so it's either an ectopic or complications with the pregnancy. By this time it was around 12pm so they admitted me and booked me in for a scan at 8am. I don't understand why I couldn't have a scan there and then if I was in that much pain and typical signs if a ruptured ectopic but never mind. So my husband had to leave me on a ward and come back in the morning for the scan.

As time went on the pain was getting worse and even the morphine they were giving me wasn't making a difference. Around 4am and on my every 15 minutes of blood pressure checks it went down to 70. I'm not sure what's its ment to be but the nurse said it was low and they called for a registrar. She did a bed side scan and it turned out I was 6 weeks pregnant and my right Fallopian tube had ruptured and I was bleeding internally. It was all a bit fuzzy but with the urgency of the nurses I knew it wasn't good. 5am they rushed me down to theatre for a laparotomy, they removed my right tube, I lost 6 pints of blood and had to have a blood transfusion.

After being in recovery for 3 hours they eventually bought me back up to the ward and I was greeted by my husband and parents.

What a crazy couple of hours!

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