Monday, 15 October 2012

Ectopic Recovery and TTC With Accupuncture

So after I had my Surgery I was a Little sore and couldn't move very well. The incision that they make is similar to a C section so they cut through your tummy muscles so you are constantly leaning over as your scared to stretch your back in case you pull the stitches, not that you will. So you kinda look like an old lady walking around. lol
Going to the toilet was the worst!!! After they took out my catheter they want to monitor your pee so they give you a cardboard sick bowl thing (best way to describe it) onto the toilet and then afterwards you have to give it to them.Urrrr!! SO with all the medication ( morphine and paracetamol) and a little food your tummy starts to hurt as you cant ... well go! I swear the constipation was the worse. They try to encourage you to go so they know everything is back in working order. As someone who sufferers from constipation and can only go in there own house when they know, noone is listening, this was the most uncomfortable thing. After everything I had just been through you would of thought this was nothing but no I cant stress how bad it was.
I was in hospital for 5 days and eventually I was allowed to go home with a check up to see the doctor 3 days later so they can check my blood had gone back to normal as I had a blood transfusion.

They told me that with only having one tube it shouldn't effect my fertility but if nothing happens within a year then I should go to my GP for tests.  All that kept going through my head was "why has this happened in the first place and why has it taken so long for us to get pregnant, surely their is something not right". They assured me that it was just one of those things and they couldn't see any obvious reason for it happening.
For a couple of days after my operation my husband didn't want to knock me in the night so he slept  in the spare room. I could understand where he was coming from but I just wanted to get back to normal.

I Look at the Ectopic as a positive not a negative as we did get pregnant but unfortunately it just wasn't in the right place. I am a firm believer in whats meant to be will be. In the hospital after the operation the doctor came over to us and said by law we need your permission to dispose of the tissues that were taken away or would you like a burial. People might think differently but in my eyes the embryo wasn't a baby yet and I suppose because we only found out a couple of hours earlier we didn't get attached.  I was taken back a little when she asked though.

Since it has happened I do think, oh I would be 7 months pregnant now and get sad. The baby would be due around the 9th December.  I don't think I will stop thinking about it until I get pregnant and have a baby in my arms.  I feel myself getting jealous whenever I see a pregnant lady or finding out one of my friends has just had a baby or found out they are pregnant. I get mad with myself for feeling like that because it should be a happy thing.

The Doctor said we should wait one cycle before we start trying again and that's what we did. Now 6 months later still nothing yet.   I have just started having acupuncture again with a different lady this time so fingers crossed it works for us again.

Since the Ectopic my cycles have been all over the place from going to 28 day cycles to 50 so I just don't know where I'm at which is so frustrating. I always over analysis things so if I'm feeling a little off or my breast hurt I'm like ohhhh Ill do a test, which so far has come back negative.

As its been 6 months since the Ectopic I thought enough is enough I need to know why its taking so long so I booked to see my GP to get some fertility test. Luckily the Doctor I was booked in with specialised in women's health so as soon as I told her what had gone on she was like don't worry we will get to the bottom of this and start doing some tests. I had my blood taken on Friday which was 3 days ago and I am booked in at the hospital for a scan on the 3rd on November which I think will give a clearer idea into what or if there is anything wrong like.

I do think the Acupuncture defiantly helped whether it helped us to relax more or it helped with our fertility I really believe in it.

I will keep you guys updated with anything new and what happens in my scan on the 3rd.

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