Thursday, 25 October 2012

Blood Results!!!

I received my Blood test results on Monday.
The Doctor said my Testosterone Levels were on the boarder line, they were 1.8 and normal levels are up to 1.8. So I could possibly have Poly cystic ovaries but I wont know for sure until I have the scan which is booked for the 3rd Nov.
Also my liver levels were to high. When I had the ectopic and had to have emergency surgery, I had a blood transfusion. I had to stay in an extra day as my liver levels hadn't gone down. Then when I came out I had to go to the Doctor 3 days after being discharged for them to make sure all my bloods had gone back to normal. Again my liver levels were too high , so I had another test and they came down. The Doctor said this could be due to a virus but when I have them done again we shall go from their to see why they are so high. I'm not sure what could be causing it to be high as I eat healthy, I hardly ever drink alchol and I think I have a healthy lifestyle, so who knows. I am booked in at the end of November to have bloods taken again so I shall keep you updated on them.

I hate having to wait!

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