Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween ginger cakes!!!

At the weekend I made Halloween ginger cakes they were so yummy.

AF arrived :-(

So AF arrived and woke me up at 4am this morning!!!
The cramps were so painful I was thinking well theirs no point me going back to sleep now.
I went to the toilet and had some paracetamol and tried to get back to sleep, it was either that or do some ironing but luckily I feel asleep.
Today I feel quite angry and upset.
I know when I ovulated and we Baby danced before and the day after but then that was the last time so maybe we should of carried on for a few more days.
Every time AF arrives I feel so disappointed and down, its just heart breaking.
I have my scan on Saturday so I'm quite nervous about what they are going to say, so we will just have to wait and see.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Benefit beyond mascara

I bought this mascara last week as my mum recommended it to me.

I love it!!!

I don't have very full long lashes but with this mascara they look luscious and long.

The wand is a comb rather than a brush which I'm still trying to decide if I like it or not.

I bought it from boots at £18.50 and it came with a travel size mascara too.

Go get it and try it for yourself!!

Blood Results!!!

I received my Blood test results on Monday.
The Doctor said my Testosterone Levels were on the boarder line, they were 1.8 and normal levels are up to 1.8. So I could possibly have Poly cystic ovaries but I wont know for sure until I have the scan which is booked for the 3rd Nov.
Also my liver levels were to high. When I had the ectopic and had to have emergency surgery, I had a blood transfusion. I had to stay in an extra day as my liver levels hadn't gone down. Then when I came out I had to go to the Doctor 3 days after being discharged for them to make sure all my bloods had gone back to normal. Again my liver levels were too high , so I had another test and they came down. The Doctor said this could be due to a virus but when I have them done again we shall go from their to see why they are so high. I'm not sure what could be causing it to be high as I eat healthy, I hardly ever drink alchol and I think I have a healthy lifestyle, so who knows. I am booked in at the end of November to have bloods taken again so I shall keep you updated on them.

I hate having to wait!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Blood test !

I had a blood test last Friday to see if they can find a reason why it is taking so long to conceive. Yesterday I had a letter threw the door saying I needed to contact my Doctor to discuss the results. I have a telephone appointment on Monday. The wait this weekend is going to be horrible, luckily I am working so I have something to take my mind off it. I hope it's nothing bad but It must be if they want to speak to me. Only time will tell!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Positive opk

I'm not very good with taking ovulation tests because I either forget or get the wrong time as my cycles aren't very regular it's difficult.
However today I got a positive ovulation test which I'm really excited about because I didn't think I would ovulate this month as I have been testing since day 10, I'm now on day 24.
I buy opk tests from eBay they are so much cheaper and work the same. I got 30 for £3 and they gave me 5 pregnancy tests with the pack.

Have a lovely day

Air Wick plug in's for busy lives

If you don't have time to light a nice smelling candle or you want an instant fresh smelling room when you walk through the door try Air wick plug in's.
I have wasted so much money in buying various plug in's and air fresheners, they work for one day and then you can't smell them after that. Try Air wick plug in's especially mulled wine, cinnamon and apple in the winter, they will last a long time and keep the house smelling lovely.
I bought two for £6 pounds in Sainsburys they are normally £4 something each.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Warm spice Yankee candle tart

I love to burn Yankee candle tarts especially the warm spice scent. Around Christmas time there are lots of nice wintery scents. They last for ages and smell nice and strong. If your obsessed with smells and candles def go get some!

Ectopic Recovery and TTC With Accupuncture

So after I had my Surgery I was a Little sore and couldn't move very well. The incision that they make is similar to a C section so they cut through your tummy muscles so you are constantly leaning over as your scared to stretch your back in case you pull the stitches, not that you will. So you kinda look like an old lady walking around. lol
Going to the toilet was the worst!!! After they took out my catheter they want to monitor your pee so they give you a cardboard sick bowl thing (best way to describe it) onto the toilet and then afterwards you have to give it to them.Urrrr!! SO with all the medication ( morphine and paracetamol) and a little food your tummy starts to hurt as you cant ... well go! I swear the constipation was the worse. They try to encourage you to go so they know everything is back in working order. As someone who sufferers from constipation and can only go in there own house when they know, noone is listening, this was the most uncomfortable thing. After everything I had just been through you would of thought this was nothing but no I cant stress how bad it was.
I was in hospital for 5 days and eventually I was allowed to go home with a check up to see the doctor 3 days later so they can check my blood had gone back to normal as I had a blood transfusion.

They told me that with only having one tube it shouldn't effect my fertility but if nothing happens within a year then I should go to my GP for tests.  All that kept going through my head was "why has this happened in the first place and why has it taken so long for us to get pregnant, surely their is something not right". They assured me that it was just one of those things and they couldn't see any obvious reason for it happening.
For a couple of days after my operation my husband didn't want to knock me in the night so he slept  in the spare room. I could understand where he was coming from but I just wanted to get back to normal.

I Look at the Ectopic as a positive not a negative as we did get pregnant but unfortunately it just wasn't in the right place. I am a firm believer in whats meant to be will be. In the hospital after the operation the doctor came over to us and said by law we need your permission to dispose of the tissues that were taken away or would you like a burial. People might think differently but in my eyes the embryo wasn't a baby yet and I suppose because we only found out a couple of hours earlier we didn't get attached.  I was taken back a little when she asked though.

Since it has happened I do think, oh I would be 7 months pregnant now and get sad. The baby would be due around the 9th December.  I don't think I will stop thinking about it until I get pregnant and have a baby in my arms.  I feel myself getting jealous whenever I see a pregnant lady or finding out one of my friends has just had a baby or found out they are pregnant. I get mad with myself for feeling like that because it should be a happy thing.

The Doctor said we should wait one cycle before we start trying again and that's what we did. Now 6 months later still nothing yet.   I have just started having acupuncture again with a different lady this time so fingers crossed it works for us again.

Since the Ectopic my cycles have been all over the place from going to 28 day cycles to 50 so I just don't know where I'm at which is so frustrating. I always over analysis things so if I'm feeling a little off or my breast hurt I'm like ohhhh Ill do a test, which so far has come back negative.

As its been 6 months since the Ectopic I thought enough is enough I need to know why its taking so long so I booked to see my GP to get some fertility test. Luckily the Doctor I was booked in with specialised in women's health so as soon as I told her what had gone on she was like don't worry we will get to the bottom of this and start doing some tests. I had my blood taken on Friday which was 3 days ago and I am booked in at the hospital for a scan on the 3rd on November which I think will give a clearer idea into what or if there is anything wrong like.

I do think the Acupuncture defiantly helped whether it helped us to relax more or it helped with our fertility I really believe in it.

I will keep you guys updated with anything new and what happens in my scan on the 3rd.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Apple and cinnamon tea!!!

This tea is super yummy!!!
I've been trying to cut down on coffee so I saw this tea on Anna Saccone's blog, so I got some. I tried it with and without sweetener but I think it's sweet enough without it.

Love this time of year

I just love this time of year with all the autumnal colours. When it's sunny outside but there's a bite in the air and you have to wrap up warm. Since I was a little girl I have been coming down this street and now i always drive slowly in the autumn to take it all in. Beautiful.....

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

TTC and Ectopic Story

So this is my TTC and Ectopic story........ where to start.....
When my husband proposed to me 4 years ago we just knew we wanted to start trying for a baby so I came off the pill and we waited to see what happend.  Time had passed and I was getting frustrated in why it wasnt happening, I mentioned it a few times to different people and even the doctor and they all said " Oh your young you have plenty of time, it will happen".Which didnt help at all as I was ready and wanted it to happen now!
Two years had passed and still nothing so I decided to start trying to calculate ovulation and the best time to .... well you know!
It didnt quite work out as planned... When trying to tell your hubby tonight it the night it kinda takes the excitment out of it all, it becomes to regimented and scheduled.  So after a few arguments and hopeful nights of trying to be extra sexy ;-) I gave up on the idea.

September 2011 we got married and a close family member new of our struggle of trying to concieve and suggested acupuncture, she paid for our first appointment as a wedding gift. In January we went to our first appointment and it seemed strange at first but afterwards you feel amazing. We went to seperate appointments and I went more often than my husband, I would say around 3 times a month.  By March I feel pregnant however I didnt know.....

I have irregular periods from around day 30- 40. Even the slightess symptom like feeling nausious, stomach twinges, tiredness, upset stomach a few days late, then I'm thinking maybe baby???
My husband says we should have shares in pregnancy tests as I am constantly buying them, im so impatient.!! After having a normal period, three weeks later my boobs starting feeling very heavy, sore and on FIRE! the weeks before my period I was feeling tired but put that down to having a cold and as my period came I wasnt thinking anymore of it.  As my boobs were getting more painful to the point clothing and even the water in the shower was causing me discomfort, I thought what the hell I would buy a test even though nothing would come up as it would be too early. So after a busy day at work and an evening meal at TGI's I came home and secretly did the test while hubby was in the bath. With the test hidden under my legs I quickly looked at it and to my suprise their was a dark second line. After all those tests I have done in the past this was the first positive I had seen, I couldnt believe it!

I turned and looked at hubby and said " Im pregnant"
He couldnt beleive it either and said well where do we go from here, lets buy another test to be sure. As I was so excited that I had my first positive hubby said I had a bit of a panic attack but I was just excited and shocked. From the moment I said I was pregnant I started having stomach cramps. Thinking back I did have little twinges and cramps the weeks before but didnt think anything of it. As I waited for him to get out of the bath and changed they started to get worse. We drove to the nearest late night supermarket and I told hubby for him to go in as I was having cramps, he told me to try and relax and it would be ok. When he returned the cramps were worse and winding me, I was also having pain across my shoulder which I later found out it was called shoulder tip pain which is caused by internal bleeding which pushes the diaphragm up.
He told me it will be ok and well go home and relax with a cup of tea, I think he thought I was being a drama queen. As we were right by the hospital and we had the positive test I thought something has got to be wrong if the cramps were so painful, so we went.
After telling the doctors what had happened in the last hour they wanted me to do a urine sample to make sure I was pregnant. Well the last thing I could think about was having a pee! Every time I went to go to the toilet I almost past out the pain was unbearable and I couldn't understand y they didn't know what was wrong. The pain was coming on in waves, I couldn't lie on my back and the should tip pain felt horrendous. Eventually they did a blood test and said "yes" your pregnant so it's either an ectopic or complications with the pregnancy. By this time it was around 12pm so they admitted me and booked me in for a scan at 8am. I don't understand why I couldn't have a scan there and then if I was in that much pain and typical signs if a ruptured ectopic but never mind. So my husband had to leave me on a ward and come back in the morning for the scan.

As time went on the pain was getting worse and even the morphine they were giving me wasn't making a difference. Around 4am and on my every 15 minutes of blood pressure checks it went down to 70. I'm not sure what's its ment to be but the nurse said it was low and they called for a registrar. She did a bed side scan and it turned out I was 6 weeks pregnant and my right Fallopian tube had ruptured and I was bleeding internally. It was all a bit fuzzy but with the urgency of the nurses I knew it wasn't good. 5am they rushed me down to theatre for a laparotomy, they removed my right tube, I lost 6 pints of blood and had to have a blood transfusion.

After being in recovery for 3 hours they eventually bought me back up to the ward and I was greeted by my husband and parents.

What a crazy couple of hours!

About Me

Welcome to Little miss Home Life!

I am a 25 year old Beautician that lives in the UK
I married my Prince Charming September 2011, the happiest day of my life!
I have recently been through an Ectopic Pregnancy after ttc for 3 years.

Each Ectopic or complication in Pregnancy is different and until it happens to you, you don't realise how common it is as people just don't talk about it. 

I wanted to talk about my experience and help comfort others is realising their not alone as other ladies have done for me.

While talking about trying to conceive I would like to share my everyday life experiences. I love Beauty, home improvements, baking and fashion.

As soon as I get that positive I shall let you know :-)

I hope you enjoy reading.


Monday, 8 October 2012

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